The fee schedule follows the model of community schools of the arts at area colleges and universities. The packages (6- and 12-weeks) include one or two free sessions, depending upon the length of the package. All packages must be prepaid.

Explorer (Beginner)
30 min - 1X: $25.00*
30 min - 6X: $135.00
30 min - 12X: $265.00

(Early Intermediate/Intermediate)
30 min - 1X: $30.00
30 min - 6X: $162.00
30 min - 12X: $318.00

(Late Intermediate/Early Advanced)
30 min 1X: $40.00

Pro (Advanced)
30 min 1X: $50.00

6- and 12-week Packages available for Performer and Pro levels.
45-minute and 60-minute lessons available in all levels.
*Prices subject to change

Exploratory Lesson/Audition
All students receive a 20-minute exploratory lesson/audition in order to place the student in the appropriate level of study. FREE OF CHARGE